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105 MC- Actice audience

 Individual work- Gisele

For this weeks assignment, we had to take something from our cabinet of curiosity and answer these questions:

  • The negative effect it has on the society and a volunurable audience
  • How it influences a volnrable audience.

For my idea, i decided to do a music video. My reason for choosing this idea was because nowadays music videos are very contraversal, many people tend to listen to it and from listening to it, they get influenced in soo many different ways.

Music videos

What is a music video?

A music video is a short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music/song. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings.

How can it influence the mind of an audience

Nowadays, music videos influence people in soo many different ways, especially the younger generation. For young children, this effect can be extremely damaging. Young children often have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy, right and wrong. They do not have enough personal experience to compare what they see on TV with real life.

Negative effect

music videos and the lyrics that go along with the music of this century are greatly influencing  youths  in negative ways. It is portraying the use of alcohol and drugs as both normal and acceptable, and also glorifying it. It is showing young women wearing provocative clothing, and promoting pre-marital sex. It is also teaching the youth of gangs, weapons, and violent behaviors such as murder and suicide as everyday activities. It is teaching the youth to grow up and face a reality that they are not responsible for knowing.

Positive effect

The right song can put anybody in a better mood and soothe emotional turmoil. We all go through our phases, and most people will turn to certain songs to improve their moods. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that music has the ability to verbalize and express our feelings better than any other medium. Additionally, we have favorite songs for particular situations because we tune into the melodies that capture our vibe the best.

To enhance the relationship between your emotional state and music, try creating associations among songs and moods. This way, when you feel a certain way, you will know exactly which song or CD to listen to in order to give you the lift or the calm you need in any given moment.

In conclusion, i will say music video can be good and also bad at the same time. it can help us in so many different ways wheres as also teach us bad things at the same time.


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