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Media Diaries

The idea of keeping a diary is nothing new. It has been around for thousands of years and has provided a powerful insight into peoples daily lives for up and coming generations. It has helped us understand what people used their spare time for, what they had for lunch, how much exercise they did and so on. As it was an un-mediated and un-compulsory form text, any one could compile one and there were no rules or guide lines for them. It is a truly creative insight into someones mind.

But what would someone in a few hundred or thousand years time think of ours if we were to complete one now? Most people would probably write a lot less nowadays than what they did even a few decades ago. ‘Why is this?’ you might be thinking. Well, it could be down to any number of things. As we live in a much more media orientated world today, we are soaking so much more information up than we have ever done. We are being influenced so much by advertising and a lot more of our time is being bought. This could be through many different means such as gaming, television, cinema and any other form of media. The big companies know this and they exploit that weakness that we all have. Another reason why we might not be writing so much down these days could simply be that people have become more lazy than a few generations ago. There is such an overwhelming amount of information that we can get hold of these days that our lives become saturated with it. We don’t really know what we are looking for, there for we will never really find it.

It may sound like I have gone a little bit off track there, but it all adds up to something. From this we were asked to see just how much media we really do soak up. Is it really as much as we thought it would be? Or is it a whole lot less than we have been told it is? And by the term ‘media’, we meant many different forms. It could be the afore mentioned forms, but this also includes radio, newspapers, the internet, music, books, DVD’s and so on. There is simply an overwhelming amount of forms that could be included in this list that it would almost be impossible to type them all.

After compiling my diary, it was clear to me that my whole life has been infected with media. I knew before doing this that it would be a lot, but after writing it all down on a piece of paper, I was astounded by simply how much of my day to day life is taken up by taking in these different elements. A considerable amount of it would be through using the internet. This is pretty much the first and last thing that I do with my day, just after I have woken up up, right up until before I go to bed. It is almost worrying how much time I spend on the computer.


Below is a list of our groups media diaries. Even though we all come from different backgrounds and upbringings, they should probably all be very similar.


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