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Cabinet of curiosity


It was the name of the collections of those who were quite place of storage in the Renaissance periods, but also exposure to all sorts of objects expressed themselves a certain taste for undiscovered and heteroclit. Could be seen there medal, antiques, animals, clams, insects, shells and even work of art. It is said that have played an essential role in the development of the sciences, particulary through the dissemination of illustrated catalogues, which allowed scientists to know news located away from them. Some more Frenchmen were traces of superstition and eras. Blood samples were exposed by the dragon skeletons of animals, imaginary mythological times such as unicorn. The oldest cabinet of curiosities seems to be that of his Ole Worm (1588-1654), whose book was published with great success in 1655. Sir Hans Sloane made out of the Cabinet of curiosity or germ of a famous institutions, British Museum. The content was organised in several distinct groups, whose Latin name pretty much tells us not to call upon more detailed explanation: “artificialia”, “naturalia”,”exotic”, “scientifica”. Cabinets of curiosity were replaced by official institutions, primarily by the museums, but also of the traditional collections, still important in areeas such as entomologia( which deals with insects) and the mystique of science conchiliologia, shellfish and shells.


Our group find the cabinet of curiosity very interesting because it`s a traditional way to comunicate the direct feelings. We can keep our opinios and taste in art and still be original. We think that having a private space in which we can develop our hobby it`s beautiful. The best way to comunicate is by writing and the globalization of the free speach is amazing. We can still collect our favourite things in a cabinet and share them with curious people. We can watch televison and listen to music on Youtube and sense the difference between the truth and lie. The similarities of our cabinet of curiosity are the links on Youtube, the music, Facebook. Facebook is a media object that powers the lust to comunicate. It is on the far the most active form of comunication. It is colloquially, useful and easy to use. Besides the other forms of comunication, it doesn`t keep acount of age or taste, it`s approaching people. We organize our thoughts by writing messages concise and publish any materials that we give in the cat out of our personality. The only downside that makes us sad it`s that, like any other form of comunication, it`s cold and distant. We risc all the time the understandind of the message, but in other news it`s great. We definitely recommend it and we think that we have every time the curiosity to access the site.


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