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For this work we had to use facebook to find out peoples opinion. We created a group called Junk food should be banned to see the amount of people that were going to join, or leave a comment of their opinion.

We were really impressed to see that there were lot’s of different opinions on this topic, some good and some bad, but the majority of people supported the idea that junk food should be banned, although they all had an individual reason why this should be done. Nowadays, scientists have been trying to do different research on why people easily get fat and most the reason was because of junk food.


Kid, female, eating a burger, junk food, obesity: Junk food creates changes in brain chemicals that encourage overeating, research has found.

 findings suggest that when you eat something high in fat, your brain gets ‘hit’ with the fatty acids, and you become resistant to insulin and leptin. Since you are not being told by the brain to stop eating, you overeat.” The hormone leptin is produced in the brain and suppresses hunger while insulin is produced by the pancreas and regulates blood sugar levels.Although the study was performed on rats and mice the scientists said their results reinforced common dietary recommendations to limit saturated fat intake as “it causes you to eat more.”The animals received the same amount of calories in one of three forms of fat palmitic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid or unsaturated oleic acid which is found in olive and grapeseed oils.The biggest affect on leptin and insulin was caused by molecules from palmitic acid which is found in beef, butter, cheese and milk.

Dr Clegg, whose findings are published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, said: “The action was very specific to palmitic acid, which is very high in foods that are rich in saturated fat.She said it may explain why many people who overindulge on a Friday or Saturday say they are hungrier than normal on Monday.The findings may also have implications for diabetes research because although scientists have known a high-fat diet can cause insulin resistance, little has been known about the mechanism behind it or whether specific types of fat are more dangerous.Dr Clegg said “We found the palmitic acid specifically reduced the ability of leptin and insulin to activate their intracellular signalling cascades. The oleic fat did not do this.”She said the other key finding is this mechanism is triggered in the brain – long before there might be signs of obesity anywhere else in the body.Dr Clegg said the next step is to determine how long it takes to reverse completely the effects of short-term exposure to high-fat food.

Findings from public

  Like Junk food
Male 40%  
Female 60%  

From this research, it shows that women consume more junk food than men, which means soo much because it gives us a clear understanding that a lot of women rather prefere going to the shop to buy ready meal rather than spending a long period of time cooking and as for men, nowadays, most men try to cactually cook in the kitchen which is very impressive as before very few men even knew how to cook.

  how often do you eat junk food
Age 12 to 16 1      
Age 16 to 20 3      
Age 20 to 25 2      
Age 25+ 1      

Also looking at this research, it shows that older people dont really bother about junk food, they eat it less as compare to teenagers age 16 to 20, this is very typycal of people at this age as they are still young and always want to try new things. Also looking at kids the age of 12 to 16 it also shows thta they dont eat junk food that much which is good. The reason for them not eating junk food could easily be the fact that they havnt really got much control as they are stil under supervision from their parents and they have to eat what is given to them.


In conclusion, Junk food should not be abused the way it has  these day. People should try and eat more healthy in order to main a healthy lifestyle. Junk foodshould not  be aboused, it can be eaten but not everyday as it can become a very unhealthy lifestyle.


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