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Group meeting


Today we met up again to discuss what we needed to do. Because we didn’t understand last weeks assignment and couldn’t find it on the blog, we had to catch up and as it turned out, there was actually work on the blog for us to do. The work was for us to do research on a particular topic we found intresting by using the general public. For this, we decided to to work on junk food. The question was weather junk food should be banned. We created a facebook page just for this and got so many response which was very helpful to us in knowing what the public thought. We later on analysed the result and came up with a conclusion on what should be done about junk food and found out the majority of people that ate it.

 For this weeeks assignment, we have to individually pick one item from our cabinet of curiosity and write about the ways our media object can ingfluence the mind of a volnurable audience. After this, we have to then compare it with each member of our group to see what specific  themes and topic emerged the most. We then have to produce our thoughts on the theory and come up with a summary of a debate for next weeks seminar. We have not done that yet, but hope to work on it by the end of this week and hopefully ready for next weeks seminar.


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