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Our Manifesto!

  • Street art should not follow the norm of other imagery
  • Street art should be able to express itself & tell us anything the artists believes to be of importance
  • We believe street art can hold controversial views, this would make the pieces more well known and interesting for the audience
  • We believe street art can be street art, whatever the style, no 2 artists are ever the same
  • Street art should be displayed in public places for anyone who’s anyone to see, there is no need for it to be hidden away
  • Street art should have no limits in terms of time and space
  • Street art should have the freedom to hold risk
  • We believe street art should have shock-value to engage and connect with viewers
  • Street art should not aim itself at one singular audience, controversial or otherwise
  • Finally, street art should be understood by all generations and by the popular culture of the time

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