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We talked about media intuitions and we discussed how the BBC could be controlled in an underhand way and why should it sell movie and TV programmes when we all have to pay the TV licence any way.  This then brought us on to the question on whether the BBC is as free and independent as it claims or should be.

This is the Shannon and Weaver transmission communication model. It shows how the steps link up together and the order in which they follow. it also shows how the noise interferes with routine and contributes to the out come at the end.  This model can be applied and studied in media, and anywhere where a communication is made and needed.

We then discussed and thought about semiotics. Semiotics, from what I found in my research, is the system or signs whether they are images, text, motion imagery or music and ect, and seeing and experiencing the influences and impacts and outcomes on and with the many different audiences and people in their groups. This is now applied and studied in media nowadays so study the media formats and mediums and their impact and meaning and relatively to the different audience demographics.


The link above is the research of this method and Firdinand De Saussure and Roland Barthes theories for the semiotics systems.


The 2 step flow model shows he distirbution of mass media and how it links to the heads of certain opinions or genres or media types and then links to the groups of individual audience groups. The link below the diagram is to a page where i got the image and the research of the 2 step model for media.


This image just above shows an example of the Hypodermic Needle Theory applied to mass media. This theory says and claims to show that mass media has a direct hit or impulses a direct response from it’s audience members. This would mean that all it’s audiences would react in the way the film or text or images would want them to, for example a gun shootout in a cowboy film would directly impulse a gun fight within it’s audience members.

The link below this image is the site that i got the image from and where i did my research.

That’s about it for now.


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