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screenshot from filming action

  • A hit british sitcom from the 1990s
  • It is about two flat mates, Richie Richard and Eddie Hitler, who are on the doll and at the bottom of the social food chain. They love to hate each other and hate to like each other and can’t admit that they are sort of friends.
  • Written by and staring Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson
  • Years broadcasted on = 1991, 1992, 1995
  • Broadcasted on the BBC network
  • The BBC is meant to be owned by the public as it’s for the public. It’s meant to have been like that since 1927 but since recent revelations and news headlines about strikes showing them to be biased towards a government party in the last few months or so, people are beginning to question if they are a non biased public organisation. This is because, the events and their threats cause people think that there is undercover deals with politically biased bosses or government officials them selves that control what we watch and how they base information as well as persuading you who to like and hate as well as controlling what you can know and find out.
  • BBC makes it’s money from the tv licence and sponsors of companies within a show as well as selling dvds and boxsets (and in the old days vhs sets) of their shows
  • Now broadcasted on Dave and UKTV Gold, freeview channel. They are controlled by Virgin media who has a subscription net work system but have channels brought from sky network


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